Orientation days in Cologne

Howdy Y’all and welcome back to my blog!

Well, well, well how times flies by these past few months. I can’t believe that in exactly 12 days I’ll leave Germany for 10 months. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

But this post is not about the whole emotional roller coaster I’ve been going through that’s a different topic which is in planning to be a blog post and I promise it will be up in a few hours or days. No this one is about the wonderful time I spent in Cologne at the Orientation days.

May 27th marked the day I met my friends I got to know during the „Stipendienauswahltag“ again. Ayusa-Intrax planned a whole weekend for us exchange students to discuss some important topics, such as how to behave in the foreign country. We worked in groups which had the benefit of meeting new people. 

If you want to get some impressions you should check out my Youtube Video which is a Follow Me Around (: . 


I loved the weekend and I want to thank Ayusa-Intrax once again to give me the opportunity to make my dream come true!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Sooo, thank you for following my journey and Howdy Y’all see you soon. (: 



#1 Howdy Y’all! // My exchange year USA

Howdy guys and welcome to my very own blog about my exchange year!

Let me tell you friends, if someone had  told me last year, that I would spend my 12th school year in the United States I would just have laughed it off in disbelief. But here I am. Samira, seventeen years old and still in disbelief that I got chosen for the DFH scholarship. If you personally know me this will not be news to you. If you are, well then this is my story about how I fell in love with the English language and the United states of America!

First things first: It all kind of started with music. My mum told me that I learned how to speak by singing. And YES I was that kid which sung while sitting on the toilet. Don’t judge, I bet you did once too. The thing was, I never really chose german songs ( that would have been too mainstream obviously, haha). No, little Samira loved the ones in an oh so different language which she barely understood back then. I remember sitting outside on our balcony with my mum. She taught me the colors and I asked her what they were called in that funny language the people on the radio sang.


Yep, I felt like a genius knowing the colors of the rainbow in a different language.

In elementary school my favourite subject was English and whenever my teacher took out that lilac dragon called Nelly my face looked legit like that heart-eyed emoji. When others struggled with the grammar or the vocabulary I was the one to ask, it still is like that though. Soon enough I was known as the English nerd and I was okay with it. If you are called a nerd for being good at something then that is totally okay, don’t you think?

When I was about nine I found out about the great country that is America(no pun intended (; )

I started to get as much information about anything you could think of. Then the High School Musical movies made their debut and that was when I promised myself, that I want to visit the States and spend a High School year there. Literally everything about the American culture, the language etc made me excited.

At some point I was brought back to reality, when I realised how much money I would need to make my dream come true. My parents always tried to make anything happen, but as you know: money does not grow on trees ( well paper does, kind of, but let’s just focus on the real deal). When my parents got divorced I realized that this would also be the end of the “ Living da life in an American High Shool for a year“ era.

My mum encouraged me to apply for scholarships and I did. I tried but always ended up getting rejected for 3 years straight. I decided to give it a last shot without any hope left.

BUT THEN! In October 2016 I finally received an E-Mail by Ayusa-Intrax. They told me that I am now in a selection procedure. ( I will tell you more about the whole selection next time)

I COMPLETLY freaked out in excitement!! Almost dropped my phone. *PHEW*

Well and now I am officially an exchange student. From July on Texas will be my new second home. I am excited about the memories I will make with my host family.


I hope you will join me on my journey. I’ll see you next time, but until then HOWDY Y’ALL.

Yours Samira.