#5 HOWDY AMERICA/ Apologies and November


I know I know I have not been posting AT ALL and I am more than sorry. It is partly to blame on not having access to a computer or WiFi 24/7 at my host families house and also on me not wanting to waste time on either of those things. I am indeed back in Germany again and will continue to tell you about the last 6 months I spent in Texas and holy cow there is a TON to tell you! So without further a ado here we go!


Ahh Thanksgiving month!! Let me tell you after ending marching season with a big trophy it was kind of unrealistic thinking about not ever being able to march with the Band again. It made us all super emotional. BUT it meant that Concert season was right around the corner and with that NO MORE STANDING DURING BAND CLASSES. My feet really appreciated that.

I started having rehearsals for the big Musical at our school. The musical was called „Ragtime“ ( Nobody really knew what it was about at first. It was a pretty successful Musical wayyyyy back in the history of Broadway) I got to be in 3 big choruses which was amazing. I got to dance, sing and act all at once and I really realized how much I love American High Schools and their School spirit. 

Speaking of Musicals. Apparently my host mom found my Bucket list I made back when I did not even know where I am going to spend my exchange year. It had a lot of basic things on there like going to Prom, being a cheerleader ( didn’t really work out for me hehe ( Band was way cooler)), and going to SixFlags.

I also wrote down that I wanted to see Times Square and New York in general because I thought that I would be able to go with Ayusa for the Orientation which ended up not happening, because I had to leave Germany early for Band Camp. ANYWAY. My host mom found the list and then planned a GIRLS TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY !!!  ( drinking iced hot chocolate @ Serendipity on the upper east side)

It was totally unbelievable but a week before Thanksgiving my sisters and I left school early to catch our flight to the City where dreams are made of.We spend about 4 days there and it was AMAZING. Instead of staying in a Hotel we had a cozy sleepover at one of my host mom’s friend’s tiny  2 room apartment right in Manhattan only two blocks away from Times Square. 

We went to see the statue of Liberty, the MET museum of art on the upper east side ( gave me MAJOR Gossip Girl Fangirl attacks), rode the subway, saw Times Square, went to see WICKED on BROADWAY!!!, went to Battery Park, the financial district, 9/11 memorial, Trinity Church, Bryant Park, the public Library, and the Hotel they filmed “ Home Alone“ ( Kevin allein zu Haus) at.

 ( my host sister and I taking mirror selfies on our last day in NYC)

When we got back to Houston our preparations for our big Thanksgiving feast were running and it made me so excited. Family and friends visited us and we all ate together. Mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, beans, more turkey and gravy,stuffing, bread roolls, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, apple pie all of that made my stomach reach it’s peak capacity. And although I felt like throwing up it was one of the most memorable memories I have made. 

 ( thanksgiving dinner)


November was such a great adventurous month!! I really hope that future exchange students will soak it in and enjoy it!

Until next time! 

Love, Samira

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#4 HOWDY AMERICA// Oh my Harvey!!

Howdy Y’all,

your girl Samira is back after some quite stressful but exciting weeks. Where do I even start? Okay well I think I should make sure you know me and my host family are alright and healthy and the category 4 „breeze“ Harvey did not affect our house. We did not flood nor was our roof teared up. We were lucky!! I cannot say that about a lot of people in my city. They lost their houses.They lost all they had.

So my family and I decided to help those people with our church members. We mucked out about 8 to 9 houses. It was just so spiritually satisfying to see the appreciation of us helping the people and they often started crying in relief. Gotta tell you though, the smell was awful!!! We met a lot of great people!  

What I learned about Americans throughout these weeks is, that they all look out for another so nobody gets left behind! That was just an awesome feeling and experience to make.


MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!Yay! on September 10th it was my 18th Birthday (yes I am pretty close to hand in my retirement papers already, peeps). It was a Sunday and instead of going somewhere we decided to spend the day mucking out houses again. Some may ask why I would prefer smelling bad and having mud and who knows what on my hands and partly my hair, instead of going somewhere fun? Well for me it seemed like a nice thing to do, so I served others on the day of the Lord. The following Monday we went out Bowling in Houston and it was so much fun!! We all had a good time. I just love spending my time with my family here.

September was full of  Band Rehearsals ‚cause Marching Band season is going on. So we had a loooot of rehearsals ( even on Saturdays) and a whole lot of competitions. It was really exciting although my brain was basically running on the very last bit of sleep storage I I had fro the last time I had the most decent sleep( aka in my moms womb 18 years ago). Man that sleep was so good I don’t even remember what happened before that. (enter pun here). Man it is so sad to think about that the season is basically over #sadness. Our last Competition is this Saturday so you better keep your fingers crossed and hope we make finals #goDawsonEagleBand . 

I also made Cabaret show in school. It is basically like a concert where the students and choirs sing Broadway music and I got a solo. But unfortunately I cannot attend because of the Band Competition. Kinda bummed me out but I participate in the School’s Musical which is kind of a big deal. 


It’s fall!! The first weekend of October we had a little vacation in San Antonio. We went to the River walk, Alamo and SixFlags!! It was so much fun and if you have to visit this beautiful city! On Sunday we drove to Austin ( Capital of Texas) and visited friends. That was a whole lot of fun.

I got birthday presents from our grandma and aunt and it was just overwhelming. Although they did not know me well they brought me a lot of presents which I liked and I just feel so grateful. So last week we went Halloween costume shopping and me and my host sister are „Yin and Yang“ for Halloween. We look awesome with our wigs and tutus.

Oh and also Homecoming was this month. The pep rally was pretty lit ( in the literal sense). The game was good too. Not too exciting though. At the homecoming game schools mostly play other teams that are not as good to make sure the school who’s is wins. I got asked by a few boys if I want to go to homecoming with them, but I couldn’t go since I had to stay in the stands with the band during the game and nobody really goes to the dance. Also we had a competition the next day and our call time was 5am ON A SATURDAY. That’s determination right there. If you have the chance then do band! The people are great and it is just so much fun. 

So now it’s the beginning of November and I do not know where the time went. This is my 4th month in the States and life could not be better. I dread the day I have to go back.  My family loves me and I love them probably more than they know. 

Anyway, don’t want to start crying again thinking about leaving in about 6 months. 

See y’all later



#3 HOWDY AMERICA! // My exchange year in the USA

Howdy Y’all,

this is only my third post and I am already late. Sorry guys! I have been busy there past few weeks ever since I arrived in the land of the free. After a 16 hour travel I arrived safely in Houston, Texas. My host dad and two of my eight siblings waited for me with a big sign saying “ WELCOME SAMIRA!“. You can just imagine how relieved I was finally seeing their faces. After an H O U R of thinking my suitcase has gone lost a staff member of the airport told me that because of the delay of my flight my suitcase already arrived with the earlier flight. PHEW!

The very first thing I noticed about America was that everything is bigger here. The cars, the houses and especially the food.


Arriving at my new home was pretty exciting. I had all these thoughts in my mind like „what if they don’t like me?“ or „What if it is going to be weird here?“, but as soon as I entered the door and they greeted me like a long lost daughter every doubt was completely gone. That was the night I tried „French Toast with Maple Syrup“ for the very first time.

The next day we all headed to church because it was Sunday. Back in Germany I never really went to church regularly so I was kind of afraid that church here would be the same boring procedure as in Germany, but to my surprise that was/is not the case at all! It is way more fun and I enjoy every Sunday. Pretty much every Sunday we have friends over for dinner which is pretty awesome.

That Friday I started Band Camp at my High School and it was really intense. We learned the fundamentals of marching! If you have the chance then join the band at your High School it is really fun! 10/10 recommend haha.

Saturday evening there was a dance which was hosted  by the church especially for the youth in our stake… the STAKE DANCE. I met so many people and some of them are my best friends now. 

The following three weeks consisted of my two sisters and me going to Band Camp every day except for Saturday and Sunday.

And here are the most frequently asked questions I got:

3rd place: „What is Germany like?“

2nd place: “ Do you guys have toilet flushes?“ ( I am NOT kidding!!)

1st place: „Can you speak German?“ ( no we just jodel if we want something in GERMANY) 

Anyway. School started on Monday and it was very exciting an d nerve wrecking to be honest. So many schedule changes!!!!!

My classes are: English 3, Algebra 2, Choir 3, Band 3, Aquatic Science, World History and Spanish 2.

Well… Now I am sitting here typing this whereas outside the town gets flooded and everything kind of just looks like a big lake. It is not fun but we are alright and our house is not flooded right now. Let’s hope it stays that way. 

I love every second here and hope you guys are alright.

See ya later y’all 


Orientation days in Cologne

Howdy Y’all and welcome back to my blog!

Well, well, well how times flies by these past few months. I can’t believe that in exactly 12 days I’ll leave Germany for 10 months. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

But this post is not about the whole emotional roller coaster I’ve been going through that’s a different topic which is in planning to be a blog post and I promise it will be up in a few hours or days. No this one is about the wonderful time I spent in Cologne at the Orientation days.

May 27th marked the day I met my friends I got to know during the „Stipendienauswahltag“ again. Ayusa-Intrax planned a whole weekend for us exchange students to discuss some important topics, such as how to behave in the foreign country. We worked in groups which had the benefit of meeting new people. 

If you want to get some impressions you should check out my Youtube Video which is a Follow Me Around (: . 


I loved the weekend and I want to thank Ayusa-Intrax once again to give me the opportunity to make my dream come true!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Sooo, thank you for following my journey and Howdy Y’all see you soon. (: 



#1 Howdy Y’all! // My exchange year USA

Howdy guys and welcome to my very own blog about my exchange year!

Let me tell you friends, if someone had  told me last year, that I would spend my 12th school year in the United States I would just have laughed it off in disbelief. But here I am. Samira, seventeen years old and still in disbelief that I got chosen for the DFH scholarship. If you personally know me this will not be news to you. If you are, well then this is my story about how I fell in love with the English language and the United states of America!

First things first: It all kind of started with music. My mum told me that I learned how to speak by singing. And YES I was that kid which sung while sitting on the toilet. Don’t judge, I bet you did once too. The thing was, I never really chose german songs ( that would have been too mainstream obviously, haha). No, little Samira loved the ones in an oh so different language which she barely understood back then. I remember sitting outside on our balcony with my mum. She taught me the colors and I asked her what they were called in that funny language the people on the radio sang.


Yep, I felt like a genius knowing the colors of the rainbow in a different language.

In elementary school my favourite subject was English and whenever my teacher took out that lilac dragon called Nelly my face looked legit like that heart-eyed emoji. When others struggled with the grammar or the vocabulary I was the one to ask, it still is like that though. Soon enough I was known as the English nerd and I was okay with it. If you are called a nerd for being good at something then that is totally okay, don’t you think?

When I was about nine I found out about the great country that is America(no pun intended (; )

I started to get as much information about anything you could think of. Then the High School Musical movies made their debut and that was when I promised myself, that I want to visit the States and spend a High School year there. Literally everything about the American culture, the language etc made me excited.

At some point I was brought back to reality, when I realised how much money I would need to make my dream come true. My parents always tried to make anything happen, but as you know: money does not grow on trees ( well paper does, kind of, but let’s just focus on the real deal). When my parents got divorced I realized that this would also be the end of the “ Living da life in an American High Shool for a year“ era.

My mum encouraged me to apply for scholarships and I did. I tried but always ended up getting rejected for 3 years straight. I decided to give it a last shot without any hope left.

BUT THEN! In October 2016 I finally received an E-Mail by Ayusa-Intrax. They told me that I am now in a selection procedure. ( I will tell you more about the whole selection next time)

I COMPLETLY freaked out in excitement!! Almost dropped my phone. *PHEW*

Well and now I am officially an exchange student. From July on Texas will be my new second home. I am excited about the memories I will make with my host family.


I hope you will join me on my journey. I’ll see you next time, but until then HOWDY Y’ALL.

Yours Samira.