#3 HOWDY AMERICA! // My exchange year in the USA

Howdy Y’all,

this is only my third post and I am already late. Sorry guys! I have been busy there past few weeks ever since I arrived in the land of the free. After a 16 hour travel I arrived safely in Houston, Texas. My host dad and two of my eight siblings waited for me with a big sign saying “ WELCOME SAMIRA!“. You can just imagine how relieved I was finally seeing their faces. After an H O U R of thinking my suitcase has gone lost a staff member of the airport told me that because of the delay of my flight my suitcase already arrived with the earlier flight. PHEW!

The very first thing I noticed about America was that everything is bigger here. The cars, the houses and especially the food.


Arriving at my new home was pretty exciting. I had all these thoughts in my mind like „what if they don’t like me?“ or „What if it is going to be weird here?“, but as soon as I entered the door and they greeted me like a long lost daughter every doubt was completely gone. That was the night I tried „French Toast with Maple Syrup“ for the very first time.

The next day we all headed to church because it was Sunday. Back in Germany I never really went to church regularly so I was kind of afraid that church here would be the same boring procedure as in Germany, but to my surprise that was/is not the case at all! It is way more fun and I enjoy every Sunday. Pretty much every Sunday we have friends over for dinner which is pretty awesome.

That Friday I started Band Camp at my High School and it was really intense. We learned the fundamentals of marching! If you have the chance then join the band at your High School it is really fun! 10/10 recommend haha.

Saturday evening there was a dance which was hosted  by the church especially for the youth in our stake… the STAKE DANCE. I met so many people and some of them are my best friends now. 

The following three weeks consisted of my two sisters and me going to Band Camp every day except for Saturday and Sunday.

And here are the most frequently asked questions I got:

3rd place: „What is Germany like?“

2nd place: “ Do you guys have toilet flushes?“ ( I am NOT kidding!!)

1st place: „Can you speak German?“ ( no we just jodel if we want something in GERMANY) 

Anyway. School started on Monday and it was very exciting an d nerve wrecking to be honest. So many schedule changes!!!!!

My classes are: English 3, Algebra 2, Choir 3, Band 3, Aquatic Science, World History and Spanish 2.

Well… Now I am sitting here typing this whereas outside the town gets flooded and everything kind of just looks like a big lake. It is not fun but we are alright and our house is not flooded right now. Let’s hope it stays that way. 

I love every second here and hope you guys are alright.

See ya later y’all 


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