#4 HOWDY AMERICA// Oh my Harvey!!

Howdy Y’all,

your girl Samira is back after some quite stressful but exciting weeks. Where do I even start? Okay well I think I should make sure you know me and my host family are alright and healthy and the category 4 „breeze“ Harvey did not affect our house. We did not flood nor was our roof teared up. We were lucky!! I cannot say that about a lot of people in my city. They lost their houses.They lost all they had.

So my family and I decided to help those people with our church members. We mucked out about 8 to 9 houses. It was just so spiritually satisfying to see the appreciation of us helping the people and they often started crying in relief. Gotta tell you though, the smell was awful!!! We met a lot of great people!  

What I learned about Americans throughout these weeks is, that they all look out for another so nobody gets left behind! That was just an awesome feeling and experience to make.


MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!Yay! on September 10th it was my 18th Birthday (yes I am pretty close to hand in my retirement papers already, peeps). It was a Sunday and instead of going somewhere we decided to spend the day mucking out houses again. Some may ask why I would prefer smelling bad and having mud and who knows what on my hands and partly my hair, instead of going somewhere fun? Well for me it seemed like a nice thing to do, so I served others on the day of the Lord. The following Monday we went out Bowling in Houston and it was so much fun!! We all had a good time. I just love spending my time with my family here.

September was full of  Band Rehearsals ‚cause Marching Band season is going on. So we had a loooot of rehearsals ( even on Saturdays) and a whole lot of competitions. It was really exciting although my brain was basically running on the very last bit of sleep storage I I had fro the last time I had the most decent sleep( aka in my moms womb 18 years ago). Man that sleep was so good I don’t even remember what happened before that. (enter pun here). Man it is so sad to think about that the season is basically over #sadness. Our last Competition is this Saturday so you better keep your fingers crossed and hope we make finals #goDawsonEagleBand . 

I also made Cabaret show in school. It is basically like a concert where the students and choirs sing Broadway music and I got a solo. But unfortunately I cannot attend because of the Band Competition. Kinda bummed me out but I participate in the School’s Musical which is kind of a big deal. 


It’s fall!! The first weekend of October we had a little vacation in San Antonio. We went to the River walk, Alamo and SixFlags!! It was so much fun and if you have to visit this beautiful city! On Sunday we drove to Austin ( Capital of Texas) and visited friends. That was a whole lot of fun.

I got birthday presents from our grandma and aunt and it was just overwhelming. Although they did not know me well they brought me a lot of presents which I liked and I just feel so grateful. So last week we went Halloween costume shopping and me and my host sister are „Yin and Yang“ for Halloween. We look awesome with our wigs and tutus.

Oh and also Homecoming was this month. The pep rally was pretty lit ( in the literal sense). The game was good too. Not too exciting though. At the homecoming game schools mostly play other teams that are not as good to make sure the school who’s is wins. I got asked by a few boys if I want to go to homecoming with them, but I couldn’t go since I had to stay in the stands with the band during the game and nobody really goes to the dance. Also we had a competition the next day and our call time was 5am ON A SATURDAY. That’s determination right there. If you have the chance then do band! The people are great and it is just so much fun. 

So now it’s the beginning of November and I do not know where the time went. This is my 4th month in the States and life could not be better. I dread the day I have to go back.  My family loves me and I love them probably more than they know. 

Anyway, don’t want to start crying again thinking about leaving in about 6 months. 

See y’all later



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