#5 HOWDY AMERICA/ Apologies and November


I know I know I have not been posting AT ALL and I am more than sorry. It is partly to blame on not having access to a computer or WiFi 24/7 at my host families house and also on me not wanting to waste time on either of those things. I am indeed back in Germany again and will continue to tell you about the last 6 months I spent in Texas and holy cow there is a TON to tell you! So without further a ado here we go!


Ahh Thanksgiving month!! Let me tell you after ending marching season with a big trophy it was kind of unrealistic thinking about not ever being able to march with the Band again. It made us all super emotional. BUT it meant that Concert season was right around the corner and with that NO MORE STANDING DURING BAND CLASSES. My feet really appreciated that.

I started having rehearsals for the big Musical at our school. The musical was called „Ragtime“ ( Nobody really knew what it was about at first. It was a pretty successful Musical wayyyyy back in the history of Broadway) I got to be in 3 big choruses which was amazing. I got to dance, sing and act all at once and I really realized how much I love American High Schools and their School spirit. 

Speaking of Musicals. Apparently my host mom found my Bucket list I made back when I did not even know where I am going to spend my exchange year. It had a lot of basic things on there like going to Prom, being a cheerleader ( didn’t really work out for me hehe ( Band was way cooler)), and going to SixFlags.

I also wrote down that I wanted to see Times Square and New York in general because I thought that I would be able to go with Ayusa for the Orientation which ended up not happening, because I had to leave Germany early for Band Camp. ANYWAY. My host mom found the list and then planned a GIRLS TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY !!!  ( drinking iced hot chocolate @ Serendipity on the upper east side)

It was totally unbelievable but a week before Thanksgiving my sisters and I left school early to catch our flight to the City where dreams are made of.We spend about 4 days there and it was AMAZING. Instead of staying in a Hotel we had a cozy sleepover at one of my host mom’s friend’s tiny  2 room apartment right in Manhattan only two blocks away from Times Square. 

We went to see the statue of Liberty, the MET museum of art on the upper east side ( gave me MAJOR Gossip Girl Fangirl attacks), rode the subway, saw Times Square, went to see WICKED on BROADWAY!!!, went to Battery Park, the financial district, 9/11 memorial, Trinity Church, Bryant Park, the public Library, and the Hotel they filmed “ Home Alone“ ( Kevin allein zu Haus) at.

 ( my host sister and I taking mirror selfies on our last day in NYC)

When we got back to Houston our preparations for our big Thanksgiving feast were running and it made me so excited. Family and friends visited us and we all ate together. Mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, beans, more turkey and gravy,stuffing, bread roolls, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, apple pie all of that made my stomach reach it’s peak capacity. And although I felt like throwing up it was one of the most memorable memories I have made. 

 ( thanksgiving dinner)


November was such a great adventurous month!! I really hope that future exchange students will soak it in and enjoy it!

Until next time! 

Love, Samira

( follow my instagram samira_fldm for pictures!! I will also try to upload some on here pretty soon!)

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